About me





I tend to struggle with first impressions. People either love or hate me, a middle ground is hard to come by. I’m Fern,…and I’m the weird kid.


I have the looks of a metal-head and yet also enjoy classical ballet and theatre. I am creative, play music and perform arts, yet I am fascinated with nano-technology and engineering. I’m Brazilian, yet I have a fluent American accent and an Italian family. 


Honest opinions – with me you’ll get them. Unexpected ideas – check. Most importantly, in me you’ll find a loyal team member who will not only go the extra mile but who is looking to make his mark in life. 


People are born decision makers - We go through life making all kinds of decisions, from what to eat and what to wear, what to buy. Sometimes we have to make crucial decisions, very often though, we simply enjoy having choices and to try out different options.

Advertising is an industry that creates competitive views on various products and services and helps people make calls on what to spend their money on. I’m proud to be an Art Director and create ads that help people make these decisions.


I'm quite pragmatic, no bullshit and this is my mantra!


I have so much to offer and if it happened that we're working together, I'll bring in a winning attitude and a huge pair of cojones, and I’m not afraid to put them on the table if necessary.










This ‘regular’ CV was created in connection to the Creative CV project - see below. You can download the regular one in pdf format here:











University Project




  • Final university project asked to advertise any product, brand or service
  • Aim was to combine the theoretical and practical know-how acquired over the past three years to personal strengths, in order to create an individual project




  • Instead of advertising a specific product, I decided to advertise myself to industry professionals – I therefore produced a creative CV
  • Purpose: present my background, my skillset, my work, and not least, to offer an insight into my personal life
  • Video evolves around the concepts of intelligence and surveillance - It is inspired by the American TV show ‘Person of Interest’ where a machine monitors and analyzes all surveillance data and electronic communication in order to prevent criminal or acts of terror
  • In video, the machine is ordered to find me (Fern De Farias-Uzan) and starts to look through all available data (my online presence, CCTV camera images) 
    • surveillance camera zooms into the campus of the London College of Communication, my university, and focuses on locating me there
    • Once machine has found me, a separate window (Computer Interface) showing all available information on me, opens
    • In this sequence of the video: resume is presented










University project: see Creative CV project above




Present your final project in the university’s degree show




  • Following the concept and tone of the video, I sat in an interrogation room that I've built, handcuffed, and guarded by two NSA-agents
  • Walls were decorated not only with screenshots of my previous work (see rest of portfolio), but also with scenes from the final project
  • A screen behind me presented my creative CV and a NSA-folder in front of me contained further information on my projects and myself
  • To allow detailed questioning, actors were prepped to behave like real agents beforehand
  • Special Agents made sure to check documentation and carrying bags before entry and made sure that only a limited number of people would have access to the room at any given time

 "It was all about the overall experience."



#LCC (BA) Advertising | Year 3 - 2013/14