New Product Launch

Colgate ToothScan




  • Evaluate your personal dental health at home, easy, remotely
  • Catch dental problems early to seek out dentist before problem is big )and therefore expensive)
  • Include technology into your dental routine




  • New product – pairing up company of this new technology with Colgate to promote to mass market and develop concept further




  • ToothScan looks like a long, sleek toothbrush
    • Instead of bristles at the head, however, it sends out a pulse of light that bounces off the enamel in your teeth, relaying information back to the scanner
    • Data is then relayed to an app on your phone that evaluates the health of your teeth.
  • Technology:
    • Spectroscopy: the process of evaluating the different colors in a beam of light to determine certain information
    • When a light beam reflects from a healthy tooth, it has a distinct spectrum. When the beam reflects from a problematic area, there will be a spectrum deviation
  • Benefits:
    • Track how well you're brushing and give neglected teeth more attention -> get personalized hints on improving your dental health, promote good habits (e.g. flossing), advertise products very personalized
    • Ability to engage dentist before a small problem becomes a larger one (cheaper treatment in earlier stages -> insurance benefits?)
    • Track results in an APP
      • Send results directly to dentist
      • Get remote consultations
      • Direct and personalized advertising and shopping through the app










Itaipava Beer - Smartcooler



Personal Project




New Product, either for sale or use for prizes in promotional activities




  • Product is a cooler for drinks (Itaipava beer) that also functions as a portable bluetooh wireless boombox
    • “To kickstart your summer beach party"
  • Speakers connect via bluetooth to phone or other devices to play favorite tunes